The Big Global Lunch

Food is something that has fascinated me for years. I started cooking at a very young age of 10, not that I had any compulsion, but that interest came to me very young. My mom was my first inspiration, she was an excellent cook. She learnt baking in times were we did not even have decent ovens.

I have tried many cuisines both eating and cooking. Surprisingly I have loved most of them. So whenever I get an opportunity I just grab it with both arms. This was one such opportunity where I got friends, who are now my family from different parts of the world who love cooking. And so we ended up cooking Chinese, Taiwanese, Egyptian, Tunisian and Indian food all in one Indian kitchen. I personally loved all the dishes. It was one truly Big Global Lunch.

Thank you my dear family we are now bonded not by blood, but by friendship and food.

Food from top to bottom.

1) Tiramisu

2) San Bei ji ( 3 cups chicken- Taiwanese)

3) qiang Chao Bai cai ( sauteed cabbage)

4) chicken and vegetables noodles

5) Tofu with Pak choi ( Chinese)

6) seer fish steak ( Goan)

7) xi Hong Shi Chao ji Dan ( egg with tomato) Chinese.

8) Tunisian cauliflower fry.

9) seaweed soup ( Chinese)

10) Baked chicken and potatoes in tomato sauce ( Egyptian)

11) Chao Tu dou si ( shredded fried potatoes) Chinese.

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