Treasure’s from God’s own country!!!

And what else we discovered in God’s own country? After having a good dharshan at Guruvayoor temple  and just at the end of East Nada, found a cart full of healthy treasures – “White chillies”, “Kandhari chillies” (Kaandhaari Molagu),and local “Naarthanga” (Kaffir lime). Believe me, I have never seen White chillies and Kandhari chillies in my life before. Kandhari Chillies are pretty famous, small and a real hot chilli found in Kerala. The seller of these, explained the health benefits and various ways on how and where to use them. Kandhari chillies are known for its cholesterol control property, hence there are some companies making capsules out these. I was fortunate to have set my eyes and hands on them and now they are all happily pickling in my jar 😊

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