Is it really happening or am I imagining???

I am not a person who believes in rituals or superstitions. But something that shook me today which kept me thinking!!!

My sister called me yesterday afternoon to check what I was planning to offer to my beloved one’s who are not

us any more, since it was mahalaya amavasya, I was in the midst of a pile of work and was in no mind to think about anything. I told her I was not sure what I would do since Friday was another busy day at work and also told her that, since she and my other sister were anyway doing things it was not necessary for me to make anything. That discussion was closed and totally out of my mind.

Friday morning 4am I am in conversation with my mom (who is no more) and she is requesting me to make her 2 idly.  My first thought I do not have batter to make idly, my second thought, my sister had told me to make something for my ancestors, but that totally slipped my mind. But my mom was wanting something and she asked me the most simplest dish.

Woke up in the morning and straight headed to my refrigerator to find out that I had exactly enough batter to make just 2 idlys, small portion of chicken and off course enough stuff to make my mom’s favorite parapu payasam.

Many might call this a dream come true, but for me it was an awakening. Certain messages that come to us come with a reason and I can believe it to be true, this is the lady who taught me many things when she was alive, she does not stop doing it even after she is gone. I know I am guided and protected by this iron lady. Love you mummy, thank you for being with us always.

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