H1-B is the hottest topic in India. Why? Because India was the biggest consumer of H1-B every year. Every households dream come true. Every eligible bachelor’s high dowry instrument.

And suddenly India fears the worst. This big word H1-B is soon going to be extinct.

But does business really need to worry, does it mean anything positive for the Indian IT industry????

For a optimistic person like me, I would only look at it as an opportunity and not a threat. Why?

Because for a country like India that churns out the maximum number of IT professionals every year, we need more jobs. And yes, all those more jobs from USA will soon come to India. What if we cannot travel? we have the best network system and connectivity. We can work at easy from our country and yet deliver the best to our clients in the USA.

So Trump, we thank you from  the bottom of our heart for helping us create more jobs in India. We all know you love India and you will keep helping us with your so called weird policies.